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Crap week

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May. 3rd, 2007 | 07:59 pm
location: home; upstairs
mood: blahblah

So on Tuesday we all thought that Grandma Helen had passed but she is only in the hospital (not good though :[ ) so Mum rushed to Hemet and Dad and Papa had a business trip to St. Louis so I'm stuck here at home with Grandma Lou. Please pray for Gran. :(

Dance on Tuesday was okay. My new treble jig is not happening like I would like tooooo. Eugh.

I kept thinking it was Friday today. And tomorrow's a blue day. Yuckkkkk.

Friday Five
My life would not be the same without this...

1. song/movie/book: Moondance/Pride and Prejudice/Harry Potter
2. person: Vladik
3. place: Ireland
4. event: Feis
5. self indulgence: Murray Mint

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